22-25 September 2016
Coffee unites people. Professionals, experts, people who are passionate about what they’re doing, connoisseurs of quality and taste, all of us meet in Lviv every year.


Coffee unites people. Coffee lovers, industry professionals, meticulous roasters, discerning baristas, graceful latte artists and connoisseurs of flavor; year after year we meet in Lviv.

Coffee Above All
Pursuing the popularization of coffee culture at coffee houses, home, among professionals and coffee lovers.

Coffee. We Mean Business, Cooperation, and Knowledge
Creating a platform where local and international coffee roasters can come together, observe, experiment with specifically selected equipment and accessories, absorb unique brewing methods with expert baristas, learn from each other, and innovate.

Citizens, united in coffee
Nurturing an environment for friends, family, and fans of life to stop and enjoy the moment, a moment which undoubtedly includes a good cup of coffee.
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