September 24-26, 2021

Potocki Palace

This year at the Lviv Coffee Festival

For three days, the XIII Lviv Coffee Festival turned the courtyard of the Potocki Palace into a meeting place for all lovers of fragrant bitter drink and professionals in the production and preparation of grain. Guests enjoyed coffee and tasted desserts and mulled wine, listened to interesting lectures and performances by musicians, participated in workshops, watched movies, bought coffee souvenirs and talked to friends.

And also – chose the best cafe in the city and congratulated the winners in the following categories:

The Best Coffee Shop – Kredens Cafe
“Coffee in a pot” – Dominicanes
“Coffee to go” – Bez Nazvy
Art Café – Shtuka
“Stylish coffee shop” – SDV coffee
“Coffee and coffee” – Pro 100 Coffee
“Opening of the Year” – Staryy Lviv

We are grateful to everyone who shared this wonderful coffee festival with us, and to those who helped create it. Thus, the original “street cinema” and a spacious pavilion for the Coffee Expo area were brought to the location by our constant technical partner – the company Orent. Their awnings and pavilions repeatedly saved our guests from the sun and rain, and we were allowed to hold numerous events – from chamber to crowded

We are traditionally grateful to our warm partner, Lviv Candle Manufactory, for the cozy atmosphere. When a candle is more than light!

And, of course, thank you to our incredible participants: Coffee World, Chekhov Polar Farm, Leo Coffee, Eggo Coffee, Chocolate Studio, Old Lviv, Churos, Soap Stories, KREDENS CAFE, Viennese Coffee, Cavatrade, High hill coffee, SDV Coffee, Master Martini Ukraine , Cohen Kofi and Bezzera UA.

See you at the XIV Lviv Coffee Festival – September 23-25, 2022.









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Coffee Night

What awaits you in Lviv Coffee Festival?

5000 m²

Total area of Lviv Coffee Festival

10 000+

Expected number of visitors

Ресурс 23

1 000+

Representatives of the coffee industry

90 000

Cups of coffee are drunk during the festival


coffee industry brands


Every year, the festival gathers tens of thousands of people united by coffee. Ask marketers who else and how can gather such a target audience in one place in three days

director of the festival

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