12 - 15 September 2018
Tram Depot
Coffee unites people. Professionals, experts, people who are passionate about what they’re doing, connoisseurs of quality and taste, all of us meet in Lviv every year.

The Best City Coffeehouse

What makes a coffee house the best in town? The quality of the beans, the atmosphere, the people, customer service, creativity or a combination of all of the above? We challenge you to participate as a judge in the competition for the “City's Best Coffee House”. All are welcome to join in the deliberations!

Lviv's coffee community, city visitors and the King and the Queen of the Lviv Coffee Festival, will have the chance to visit multiple coffee shops around town and vote for their favorite local coffee spot!

The vote will be distributed as follows:

  • By ballots in coffee houses: 50%
  • On www.coffeefest.lviv.ua (during the week of the competition): 20%
  • A closed expert vote: 15%
  • Coffee King and Queen vote: 5%
  • On Facebook (during the week of the competition): 10%

We are proud to remind you that last year's title of “City's Best Coffee House” was won by “Virmenka”!

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